Level lll - Executive Development Program

The Executive Development Program has a goal to enhance management and administrative skills for those who are appointed or aspire to be appointed as a county highway administrator, county or city engineer, or public works director. Classes are monitored by:

1530 W. 15th #2160
Lawrence, KS  66045

Note: classes offered through the KAC are numbered for identification purposes.

Required Courses
  • 304   Budgeting and Finance (previously known as Basics in Budgeting, Finance and Reporting)
  • 305   Fundamentals of Leadership
  • 306   Effective Community and Media Communication
  • 307   Effective Management of Intergovernmental Relations
  • 308   Overview of Human Resource Management
  •  Project Planning and Management
  • Legal, Permitting and Regulatory Processes
  • Asset Management and Cost Accounting
  • Local / State Project Coordination
  • Overview of Engineering Functions in Public Works

Elective Courses
You may choose one or select one of your own choice and have the review commitee approve it.
  • Fleet Management and Equipment Maintenance Solid Waste Management
  • National Highway Institute Classes
  • Appropriate Classes Provided by KDHE