Effective Supervisory Skills Program


The KAC Institute of Excellence offers a professional development certificate focused on enhancement of supervisory skills in a county government setting with the Effective Supervisory Skills program. The curriculum is designed for county, city or township employees who are directly responsible for guiding the work of others, but is open to anyone employed or in service to municipal government. The certificate program consists of six workshops.

Effective Supervisory Skills program is designed to assist county supervisors in developing skills that can lead to greater productivity and job satisfaction within their work group.

What is the focus of the workshops?
  • Examine the roles, responsibilities, and tasks of an effective supervisor in a county government setting
  • Enable participants to assess their leadership style in comparison to the required roles, responsibilities and tasks of supervision
  • Enhance performance management skills
  • Expand knowledge of relevant legal and ethical issues associated with county government supervision and their application to day-to-day decision making
  • Define the core values associated with professionalism and public service
  • Expand the problem-solving skills and network of participants by encouraging the exchange of experiences and ideas with counterparts from other counties

Effective Supervisory Skills Workshops
When you complete the six required workshops, you’ll receive a certificate of achievement from the Kansas Association of Counties and honorable mention in the KAC County Comment.

200     Fundamentals of Supervision                                            
201     Communication Skills for Effective Supervision        
202     Managing Employees Performance                           

NOTE: This workshop now combines two previous sessions: Supervisor's Role in Managing Employee Performance AND Coaching and Positive Discipline Skills for Effective Supervision. If you previously attended one of these sessions, you will need to take this workshop for completion of the Effective Supervisory Skills certificate program OR the Level II Roads Scholar program. 

203     Legal Aspects of Management                                    
(previously known as Legal Aspects of Supervision)

204     Enhancing Cooperative Work Relationships                
205     Problem Solving for Effective Supervision                   

All of the above workshops also apply toward the Level II Roads Scholar program AND they may be applied toward elective requirements in Foundations in County Government, the KAC leadership program.